Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Wednesday April 11th we kick off the fest with the Art Opening at Wowsville.
The art exhibition is free on all the days!

Wednesday April 11th-18:00
Live performance by SUPER CREEPS (Berlin)-21:00

Thursday April 20th-14:00-21:00
Friday April 21st-14:00-21:00
Saturday April 22-14:00-21:00

Featured Artists:
Ana Vujic
LMW (Lindsey Marie White)
Doomsday Graphics
Matea Zekan
María Luján
Mateo Correal
Douglas Burns
Natalija Palurovic
César Trevino (Ome Ehekatl 2005-2018)
Flaccid Knob

Graphic Artists / Screenprint Collection:
Fabiola Ekis
Industrias doc
Carlos Nailbiter
Lucas Cabu
Tomáš Mitura

Rat Trap Art Collective:
Sebastian Rosillo
El corruptor
Jeronimo Velasquez
Melissa Lopez
Fuerza Ingobernable

Artists Posters NNTS:
Laura Vargas
Mateo Correal
Two Headed Dog
Stupid Sheet
Anthony Christopher
Jan Utecht
Nicky Rat
Ugly Kid Kowitz
Suspicious Package
Francesco Goats

This year we're having for the first time the “Fanzinoteca Mobil” a Zine library on wheels, that will be present the whole exhibition and make appearances on some other places during the festival.

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